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We are a Payday Loan service helping thousands of people in financial difficulty. We understand everyone experiences financial hardships at one time or another. Our goal is simple; solve your short term cash needs as fast and discreetly as possible. We are here to help!


Our service helps customers find short-term loans during times of duress and hardship. We work with hundreds of lenders to find you the best loan. Our vast network of lenders provides nationwide Payday Loan coverage and a simple and fast online application. Have some bills due and you are not getting paid until next week? Avoid the high cost of bounced checks from your bank and get a quick and easy cash advance or a same-day payday loan. Payday Express is the fastest and easiest service to use, guaranteed!

Fill out our simple, 2-step online loan application.
We instantly contact lenders, presenting your application. You receive a loan decision within minutes.
Review and sign the loan agreement. If you don't like the terms, you have absolutely no obligation.
Money is deposited directly into your bank account.
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